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The tall man casually made his way up to the door of his luxurious home. He opened the door and walked in, whistling cheerfully as he did. After dropping the gym bag off his shoulder onto the floor beside the plush couch, he slipped out of his shoes and laid out across the couch. It wasn't long before his phone rang from his pocket. He sighed and pulled it out, answering it and putting it on speaker.

"Hello?" His smooth voice rumbled deeply.

"Hello Mr.Rivera," a man greeted from the other side.

"Hey there, Archie," Rol Rivera responded.

"How were you classes Mr.Rivera?"

"Just fine Archie, thanks for asking."

"Of course sir."

"What do I have left on my schedule today, Archie?"

"Just a meeting with a potential client that wants to record with you, Mr.Rivera." Archie then noted. "She is very excited to meet you."

Rol chuckled, finding the slight sarcasm in Archie's voice. "I'll be sure to give her a warm welcome."

"I'm positive you will, sir."

"When can I expect her to come here to the studio?"

"At about 6, sir. An hour from now."

"Perfect. Enough time to take a quick nap."

"Would you like a wake up call, sir?"

"Hmm, no thanks. I'll set my phone," Rol said, beginning to play with the phone's alarm clock. "Would you like to join me for dinner tonight Archie? I'm contemplating making battered fish."

"Oh, no thank you, sir. My mother is insisting I go out to eat with her tonight."

"Oh really? Clock off a bit early then, so you'll have some extra time to spend with her."

"Well thank you, sir."

"Oh, think nothing of it. Be sure to have fun."

"And you too with your client." Archie gave a chuckle, which Rol echoed. "Good night, sir."

"Good night, Archie."

And once his butler hung up, Rol put his phone down on the coffee table across from him and put his arm over his eyes. He sighed contently and drifted off into a light sleep.

Rol was up but moments before his  client was due. He changed his clothes, getting into white pants and a light blue collared shirt. He fixed his hair and sat on his couch, awaiting the musical girl he was waiting for.

The doorbell rang and Rol rose to his feet. "Coming!" He echoed and walked across the living room to the front door.

He opened the door and found the girl, who was much younger than he expected, standing there, obviously in awe of everything around her.

"Hey there," he greeted with a broad smile. He held out his hand. "You must be..?"

"S-style.." she stuttered. "Style Rae Michaels.." she shook his hand, he could feel her trembling. "And y-your Mr. Rivera.."

Rol chuckled. "Call me Rol," he noted and waved her forward. "Come on in, Cherry," he said and noticed Style tilt her head. "Forgive me, Style. I have a tendency to give out a lot of nick names."

"Oh.." she breathed, stepping into the large home. She looked around in pure wonder. "Wow..this studio is really.."

"Homey?" Rol chuckled, closing the front door behind her. "That's probably because it is my home."

"You live in your studio?" She looked up at Rol. She felt so small, being barely 5' 4", compared to Rol who stood at, at least, 6 feet.

"Actually, my studio is in my home." He began to lead the way off into the home. "Follow me, the studio has its own division back here."

Style promptly followed him, not wanting to be left behind.

"So, let's talk about you, miss Style." Rol decided with a sincere smile. "First off, how old are you, sweet heart? Not that music has an age, but I don't get younger clients often."

"I'm 16," she replied. "Just turned 16 a few months back."

"Wow!" Rol exclaimed. "How long have you been doing music?" He asked curiously as he opened the door to the recording booth of the studio.

"About 4 years," she followed him into the recording booth. "My mom had given me some of my brothers old music for my 12th birthday and I fell in love with it and wanted to be just like him and all."

"Your brother was a big music man too?" Rol chuckled, beginning to set up the recording equipment.

Style didn't reply for a moment as she watched him. "I don't know really," she said finally.

Rol glanced back at her. "Well..what was he like?" He noticed he lost eye contact with her as she tinkered with the strap on her messenger bag.

"I don't really know that either..." she shrugged. "My dad and my brother left my mom when I was born."

"Oh.." Rol was starting to feel bad for prying. "I'm sorry.."

Style met his eyes again and faked a smile. "Its okay, really...maybe I'll meet one of them one day."

Rol nodded and decided to turn the conversation.

"So," he started and put a smile back on his face. "What have you got to show me today?"

Style brighten up when he mentioned music and instantly took off her bag and set it on the floor, digging in it.

"This is a mix I made from my own music for the last Digital Jammers contest." She said, handing his a cd in a case. "It won the national competition."

"You won?" He took the cd and put it into the machine.

Style nodded. "The vocals aren't on it...because I did those live."

"Well," Rol began to toy with the machine. "Why don't you go into the recording room and I'll play the music and you add your live vocals?"

Style nodded excitedly and went off into the recording room.

Rol put on the headphones as he watched Style do the same from behind the glass.

"Ready, Cherry?" He asked, again using the nickname.

Style nodded and positioned herself in front of the mic.

On her cue, Rol started the music. He tapped his foot to the well placed beat as he watched Style. She was so into her music as she sang, as if her music were part of her. As the song intensified and Style's voice evenly grew, Rol smirked, greatly impressed by what he was hearing. At the end of the song Style, after she hit a beautiful high note, looked to Rol, seeking his opinion. Rol nodded and motioned for her to come back into the recording room. She did, looking at him with eager eyes.

"Style," he began. "That was absolutely amazing. I haven't heard good music like that in so long."

"Really?" Style's eyes brightened excitedly.

"Absolutely. You have a distinct music and voice. I'd want to hear some of your other work if you don't mind." He asked, removing her cd from the large machine, putting it back in its case.

"Of course!" She said with excitement and knelt down by her bag, pulling out cds.

Curiously, Rol bent down from his chair and picked up one of the oldest looking cds.

"This one of yours?"

Style glanced up and shook her head. "That's one of my brothers.." Style perked as her phone rang from her pocket. "Oh," she exclaimed, pulling it out. "That's my mom..I need to take this, I'm so sorry."

"No trouble at all," he said. "May I listen to this while you step out?"

"Sure, if you'd like," Style smiled and answered her phone, stepping out. "Hello? Hey mom...yea I'm fine," and the door closed as she stepped out.

Carefully, Rol slipped the old cd into the machine and pulled the headphones onto his head. And what he heard, made him become stiff in his seat. He listened all the way through, it ended just as Style walked back in.

"Sorry, my mom was just worried about me being out late-"

" say your mother gave you these?" He asked, taking the old cd out.

Style wondered why he was so interested all of a sudden but she nodded nonetheless. "Yea, she said they were mailed to her from my brother when he started his music."

"I know this is..odd...but, Style I need to meet your mother." He decided, taking off the headphones and rising to his feet.

" mom?" She asked, getting all of her things back into her bag. "But why?"

"Its just very important that I do." He said.


"Come on, we'll take my car." He said, heading out of the studio.

Style quickly picked up her bag and followed, throwing her bag over her shoulder.

Rol led Style out to his sleek silver porsche, and after opening the passenger door for Style, he got into the driver's seat.

"Why don't you put the address into the gps?" He nodded to the gps on the dash.

Style nodded and put in the address to her home as he started the car. As soon as the gps had the address, Rol drove off onto the street, following its strategic direction.

It took around 45 minutes before Style saw her small home in the darkness of the night. She directed Rol where to park on the street and the two climbed the steps to the door.

"Mom?" Style called as she unlocked the door and stepped inside.

Rol had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the door frame as he followed Style into the small home.

"Mom, where are you?" Style called again.

"In the backroom, honey! Folding clothes! Come give me a hand will you?" Came the reply of a gentle feminine voice.

Style led the way to the back room with Rol hot on her tail.

"Actually, mom there's someone who wanted to see you," Style informed as she found her mother, Deliah  sitting on the couch as she folded the clothes.

Rol's mouth fell open when he saw the older woman. Deliah turned to see Rol and her eyes widened.

Rol smiled sheepishly. "Hi momma.."

"Hello Rolando." She responded and Rol instantly rushed over, dropping to his knees beside her and embracing her tightly.

"Its been so long, momma.."

Deliah held her son, running her hand through his hair and kissing his head sweetly. "It has been quite awhile hasn't it, dear?"

Rol's blue eyes looked up at his mother. "I'm so sorry.."

He didn't need to say what he was apologizing for, Deliah knew. "You did nothing wrong, my dear."

"Mom.." Style called from the doorway, confused greatly by what was going on.

Deliah smiled. "I'm glad you finally met her, Rolando."

Rol looked at Style then at Deliah. "That is her?" He asked and when she nodded, his eyes lit up with excitement.

He let go of his mother and moved over to Style, who took a step back from him. Rol squatted down so he'd be under her eye level, so he'd be less intimidating.

"My, My, Cherry," he smiled, "You've become so beautiful."

Style blushed instantly and looked to her mother who only smiled.

"Style," Rol said, putting his hands on her shoulder. Style looked down at him. "That old cd you let me listen to...I made it.."

"What?" She questioned. ", you're brother-" and suddenly her eyes widened.

"Your brother made them especially for his mother, whom he missed, and his baby sister whom he never got to meet.." Rol took Style's shaking hands into his own. "Until today...when she came into his studio.."

"You''re..?" Style's eyes started to tear up.

"Yes, Cherry...I'm your big brother." Rol answered her unspoken question.

Tears began to fall out of her eyes and she threw her arms around her brother's neck and hugged him tightly, crying into his shoulder.

Deliah had to wipe tears from her face as she watched her children meet for the first time.

"I..I thought never get to know you..." Style whimpered.

Rol embraced her tightly. The 25 year old man never wanted to let go of his dear little sister. "But now I'm here...and I'll be here for you and mom for good.."
This is how Style and Rol meet up.
It's rushed, not written well.

Will be moved to scraps later~

chars/story (c) me
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